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The Child Love Foundation is managed by YAYASAN CINTA ANAK

By visiting and/or using the childlovefoundation.org platform, both visitors and users ("You") are stated to have understood and agreed to all the contents in the terms and conditions below.

If you as a site user do not approve one, part or all of the contents of these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to use the services on our site.

We provide online crowdfunding services to users both through the web and mobile applications ("Platform" based on the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number. AHU-0017223.AH.01.04 2018 concerning permission to Organize Collection of Donations to the Child Love Foundation for various forms of Fundraising.

We have the right to the policy to change or modify part or all of the contents of these terms and conditions at any time, meaning that the rules that apply to this page may change at any time unilaterally by us, if this happens then we will try to give notifications to all users site, can be via email, our social media, or through this site directly.

The new rules will take effect after the notification has been published or sent to all users of the Child Love Foundation site. The above agreement does not apply if there are changes due to reasons of Indonesian state law, the terms and conditions on this site will change according to applicable government regulations.

Site users are highly recommended to read carefully all the provisions below because it will affect the rights and obligations of users of this site. Other questions about the Child Love Foundation directly ask us at childlovefoundation@gmail.com.


A. Definition

In these Terms and Conditions, what is meant by:

  1. An account is an arrangement (arrangement) between Platform Providers with the Visitor Platform or User Platform based on which Platform Visitor or Platform User is granted access by Platform Provider for Platform features after registering personal data, username (username) and password (password).
  2. Beneficiaries are:
    1. Parties concurrently as Campaigners and registered on the Platform; or
    2. Other parties besides Campaigners who are individuals, groups, business entities or legal entities, who receive benefits (beneficiary) for funds from a Campaign.
  3. Funds are donations or donations (donations) which are expressed in Rupiah.
  4. The Campaign is a Fundraising effort for the purpose and specific objectives, including, but not limited to, the category of assistance medical, athletes and sports facilities, infrastructure, education and also scholarships, disability, umrah, and hajj, orphanages and houses of worship, good with or without a reward agreement.
  5. Random Campaign is a randomly chosen Campaign based on the full discretion of the Platform Provider to receive the results of the Fundraising of another Campaign under certain circumstances.
  6. Campaigners are individuals, groups, business entities or legal entities who uses a Fundraising Facility on a Platform for a Certain campaigns and are responsible for the implementation of the relevant campaign.
  7. Donors are individuals, groups, business entities and legal entities that register to the Platform to support the Campaign by channeling Funds.
  8. A Fundraiser is a person or organization that states support for a campaign made by the campaigner in the form of creating a new campaign page that is connected to the main campaign. Funds that come from the fundraiser page will be included in the main campaign.
  9. Content is any type of material and/or content created and/or uploaded to the Platform independently by User-generated content and not by Platform Providers.
  10. Prohibited Content is any type of material and/or content that violates statutory provisions.
  11. Reports are notifications submitted by the Visitor Platform and/or Platform Users to the Platform Provider about whether or not there is a suspected violation of the Terms and Conditions.
  12. Fund Disbursement Partners are banks that cooperate with Platform Provider in order to facilitate Disbursement of Funds.
  13. Implementation of the Campaign is the stage of realization or realization from the aims and objectives of a Campaign using results The relevant fundraising is responsible.
  14. Disbursement of Funds is the act of transferring the Platform Provider of funds collected in:
    1. Balance on behalf of the Donor, to the account of the origin of the Donor; or
    2. Balance on behalf of the Campaigner or Beneficiary, to the destination account that has been designated Campaigner or Beneficiary at the time of registration made on request (request) Donors, Campaigners or Beneficiaries.
  15. Fundraising is the process of collecting funds from the community in the framework of development in the fields of social welfare, mentality, religion, spirituality, physical and cultural.
  16. User Platform consists of Campaigners, Campaigners and/or Beneficiary, both directly and indirectly, as applicable.
  17. Platform visitors are parties who access, open and obtain information from the Platform.
  18. The Platform is a container in the form of applications, internet sites and/or other internet-based services used for transactions and/or facilitation of Fundraising through electronic systems managed and provided by YAYASAN CINTA ANAK, including, but not limited to the childlovefoundation.org site
  19. A Complaint is a report accompanied by a request to the Platform Provider to check Platform Users who have or are currently or suspected of violating the Terms and Conditions.
  20. Platform Provider is YAYASAN CINTA ANAK which organizes online crowdfunding
  21. Terms and Conditions are the terms and conditions for using the Platform that is determined and can be changed at any time by the Platform Provider and are binding on Platform Visitors and/or Platform Users.
  22. An Update is a feature found on the campaign page that is enabled for each campaigner to be able to provide notifications to all donors via email automatically regarding the latest state of the campaign, use of funds and other matters.
  23. Verification is an act of checking the truth and completeness carried out by the Platform Provider on the Account, Content and/or Disbursement of Funds registered, uploaded and/or requested by the Platform Users, or for other purposes based on the full discretion of the Platform Provider.

B. Voluntary Disclosure

All disclosures by Platform Visitors or Platform Users in the form of questions, statements, ideas, criticisms, suggestions or information on the Platform, which are not disclosures required or requested by Platform Providers, are voluntary disclosures. and is entirely the responsibility of the Platform Visitor or the Platform User concerned.

C. A position of the Child Love Foundation (childlovefoundation.org is not a Broker / Institution of Charity Distributors / Financial Institutions / Creditors.)

childlovefoundation.org is a platform to facilitate donation transactions between campaigners and donors. The Child Love Foundation is not responsible for the implementation, or information provided by campaigners, donors, beneficiaries or other users. The Child Love Foundation hereby waives all responsibility in this matter as long as it is permitted by applicable law in Indonesia. All information in the content of the campaign provided by the Child Love Foundation is part of the notification, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or truth of the content made by the campaigner. So, you know that the information and content that is on the campaign page on our site is at your own risk.

Child Love Foundation does not guarantee that every campaign on our site will receive a certain amount of donation or will be fulfilled. The Child Love Foundation either implicitly or explicitly does not always support the implementation of a campaign, unless there is a written agreement in advance. We firmly reject the obligation or responsibility for the failure of each campaign or the total donations that the campaigner sets are not fulfilled.

D. Reports and Complaints

Platform Visitors and Platform Users have the right to submit Reports and/or Complaints to Platform Providers regarding the alleged and/or event violations of these Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Platform Visitors or Platform Users who enter data and information that is incomplete, incorrect, misleading and/or is a forgery;
  2. Platform Visitors or Platform Users who enter and upload Prohibited Content;
  3. Campaigners who abuse funds originating from the Campaign; and/or
  4. Campaigners who do not fulfill or only fulfill part of the Campaign Implementation, or fulfill the Campaign Implementation but are not in accordance with what was promised by the Campaigner through the Platform.
E. Terms of Site Users
  1. 17 years old or between the ages of 13 and 16 accompanied by parental supervision;
  2. Visitors to this site must declare themselves to be competent in the eyes of the law so that they can be responsible for any actions or omissions if they violate these terms and conditions;
  3. It is not permissible for site visitors to take actions that may violate privacy provisions as set out in the privacy policy on this site.
F. Notification

Platform Visitors or Platform Users agree and are willing to accept all notifications through electronic media, including, but not limited to e-mail, short messaging services (SMS) and / or instant messaging that they attach to the Platform and for that give permission to the Platform Provider to contact Platform Visitors or Platform Users through the electronic media.

G. Public Content

You acknowledge that any information that you display on our content or services can be accessed by the public, such as names, telephone numbers, e-mail, and social media. We do this so that there is information disclosure for site users so that they cannot arouse suspicion or other prejudices that cannot be accounted for.


All donations from donors are a risk from the donors themselves. Our site does not guarantee that every campaign on our site is free of fraud and abuse. If in the future you believe that there are fraudulent content and misuse of funds or other suspicions in the campaign on our site, you can report this by clicking the 'report' button available on each campaign.

A. The obligation to become a Donor

Donors must :

  1. Full responsibility for donations given, for this reason, donors must observe all information regarding ideas and/or fundraising campaigns posted on the site before providing support;
  2. Do not provide additional false and/or misleading information on all pages, links and various other forms of media from a Fundraising campaign at childlovefoundation.org;
  3. Responsible for donations that have been channeled and realize the consequences that campaigners may not be able to implement partially or fully on the campaign and/or rewards/rewards promised earlier in the campaign;
  4. Donors realize that the Child Love Foundation is only responsible for the distribution of donations to the campaigner;
  5. Donors must observe every time they want to make a donation to the campaign, we do not recommend donors to donate to a campaign that contains elements of obscurity, lies, suspicion, fraud, and activities prohibited by the state. The Child Love Foundation is not responsible for the negligence of donors for things we have warned above;
  6. Agree not to question and/or legally sue the Child Love Foundation for misuse of donations made by the campaigner;
  7. Understand that donating using a Credit Card will be subject to an administrative fee from the Credit Card Child Love Foundation partner. The nominal amount of donations will be automatically deducted by administrative fees;
  8. 8 Donors are willing to be contacted by the Child Love Foundation at any time even though it is recorded as anonymous (anonymous donation) for certain purposes;
  9. Do not conduct money laundering and/or use money originating from unauthorized sources in donating money to support ideas and/or fundraising campaigns on the site.
B. Donor Provisions

Donors understand that:

  1. Donations that enter the Child Love Foundation without using a unique code and do not confirm (3 days after the funds have been entered into the Child Love Foundation account) will be recorded as a general donation which is then distributed by the Child Love Foundation to a random organization campaign;
  2. Funds entered through the balance top-up feature in the Child Love Foundation can only be donated and can be redeemed by deducting the transfer fee;
  3. The Platform Provider facilitates the distribution of Funds through the Platform to Campaigners and/or Beneficiaries;
  4. The funds received will be entered into the balance on behalf of the Campaigner no later than 3 (three) x 24 (twenty-four) hours since the Funds transferred by the Donor have been verified by the Platform Provider;
  5. Without prejudice to the right to refuse and / or delay Account Verification, Content and / or Disbursement of Funds from Platform Providers, Funds that enter into the Balance on behalf of the Campaigner are fully the rights of the Beneficiaries, which must be accounted for and can only be used for the Implementation of the Campaign.
C. Contact Point

Donors can take advantage of the contact information posted on each Campaign page to find out the details of a Campaign and/or Implementation of a Campaign.

D. Intellectual Property Law

All Intellectual Property Rights on this site are owned by the Child Love Foundation. All information and materials contained on our site such as logos, icons, HTML codes and other codes on this website are prohibited from being modified, reproduced or modified in any way outside the area of this site without the permission stated by the Child Love Foundation.

If you violate these rights, we have the right to make a civil suit for the total damage or loss suffered. Violations of this point can be included in a crime.

E. Exceptions and Release of Liability
  1. The Child Love Foundation is not responsible for all matters promised by campaigners to raise funds against beneficiaries or donors in the event of a dispute between them. The Child Love Foundation does not provide guarantees for what happens later.
  2. The Child Love Foundation is not responsible for your dissatisfaction if the campaigner and/or beneficiary for the use of donations that have been raised on our site or sites supported by the Child Love Foundation.
  3. The Child Love Foundation is not responsible for what happens if donations have been given to campaigners and/or beneficiaries such as theft, embezzlement or any action that causes loss of donation funds.
  4. Under no circumstances will the Platform User pay the loss of the Child Love Foundation and / or avoid the Child Love Foundation (including officers, directors, employees, agents and others) from any costs of loss, loss, expense or damage arising from claims or claims third parties arising from violations of the Platform Users against the Rules of Use of the Child Love Foundation, and / or violations of the rights of third parties.
  6. If you later find out that there are suspicious campaigns or indications of fraud, as a user of the site, you agree to assist and cooperate with the Child Love Foundation to report to us and participate in helping resolve the matter.
F. Copyright and Trademarks

All features contained in this site belong to YAYASAN CINTA ANAK and are protected by Indonesian legal provisions contained in the HKI Act (Intellectual Property Rights). Therefore, site users are not permitted to abuse the features contained on this site for personal, collective or commercial purposes

G. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed, interpreted and implemented according to the laws of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and Visitors and Users of the Platform subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the Indonesian National Abrasive Agency (BANI).

Every person intentionally and without the right to spread false and misleading news that results in consumer losses in Electronic Transactions will be entangled in criminal provisions written in Article 28 of Law Number 11 the Year 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE).

H. Dispute Settlement and Forced Circumstances
  1. In the event of a dispute or dispute arising from or relating to the interpretation or implementation of these Terms and Conditions, Platform Visitors and Platform Users agree to use all efforts to resolve the dispute or dispute through deliberation to reach a consensus.
  2. All disputes arising from and / or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and / or the implementation of these Terms and Conditions, which cannot be resolved by deliberation, whether regarding injury or unlawful acts, including termination and/or validity of the Terms and Conditions this, will be completed and decided through BANI in the local area. Even though there is a dispute or dispute, the Platform Visitor or Platform User must continue to fulfill its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, without reducing the enforceability of the final arbitration decision.
  3. You understand and understand that our Platform can stop operating because of events beyond human capabilities and or cannot be avoided such as war, riots, fires, natural disasters, strikes and other disasters declared by the authorized agency.


Thus the terms and conditions for using the Child Love Foundation website, by using this site, the user is deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all contents in these terms and conditions. For your attention and agreement, we thank you.

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