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10th Julytest

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For Muslims, circumcision for Indonesian male/boys is an obligation. This is a part of Islamic law that must be done. Doing circumcision is seen as a noble deed, as a medium of purifying oneself and proof of obedience in carrying out their religious teachings. The problem is, the cost of circumcision with the handling of doctors is still not affordable for some disadvantaged people. Some of them consider the obligation to circumcise children as a heavy burden.

Therefore, on July 7, 2019 took place at the Daily National News Editorial Office Jl. Bangka No. 8 Surabaya, Oi (Indonesian People) Community Organization with our relief team from the Child Love Foundation held a social event in the form of mass circumcision in the Gubeng Village of Surabaya. This activity is aimed at orphans in Indonesia. This social service program teaches us to care for one to another, realize about how important love is, and help each other for those in need. Hopefully children who are circumcised today will become pious children, devoted to both parents, the state and religion and benefit others.

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