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19 Novtest

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Islamic boarding school is an Islamic educational institutions with a dormitory system to study, live and practice Islamic teachings, of course, must be included in the location of the process to fulfill the standards for sanitation and clean water facilities. Most of the boarding school conditions are still inadequate, also there is still many boarding schools don't have proper bathing and washing facilities (MCK) yet, there are still MCK's done in the rivers and ponds.

Therefore, the Child Love Foundation team in Pekalongan visited the Ghufron Azizi Islamic Boarding School located in Desa Simbang Kulon Gg. 2 Kec. Kab. Pekalongan on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, to give assistance for the construction of toilet, washing, bath facilities (MCK). Given the importance of this MCK for the health of the students who study and live there.

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