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18 Novtest

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Spina bifida is a birth condition marked by the formation of gaps or defects in the spine and nerves of the baby's spine. This disorder is triggered by the formation of imperfect spinal nerves in infants during pregnancy. Under its normal conditions, the embryo will form a neural tube which then develops into the spine and nervous system. If this process does not go smoothly, some vertebrae cannot completely close and creating a gap.

As experienced by Dhenfil Asiko Utama, a child with a condition of spinal cord and nerve pain, Dhenfil mostly comes from a poor and an orphan family. The Child Love Foundation visited Dhenfil at his home located in Keron Kidul Rt: 02/05 Sidoharjo Wonogiri to donate in the form of Dhenfil medical expenses. Hopefully, our assistance can help and also can be useful for healing Dhenfil.

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