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05 Septest

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As we have known, education is very important for children, because it is not only given children about knowledge, but it can teach them to have good manners and things that are right. Education will gives children comperehension into an independent person which will be able to plan things for the future and make the right decisions when they grow up. School education can help to build character for children. It is very important because it teaches the norms of decency, religious norms, and others, by following all these norms, they will have a strong character which is needed to build their development of nation.

Therefore,  Child Love Foundation team visited Kadek Andika Dwipayana’s house, located on Jln. Buana Raya Gg. Buana Mertha IV no. 7 in West Denpasar on September 5, 2019 to provide assistance in the form of school supplies such as bags, books, shoes, school uniforms, stationery and fees for his school costs. He comes from a poor family and lives with his mother and sister. Hopefully with our help of equipment and costs for his school can ease their burden and Andika will be more enthusiastic to study and go to school and we hopefully he can reach what he dreams of as soon as possible.

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