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15 Septest

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Al Quran Education Park (TPA / TPQ) is an institution or community group that organizes non-formal education, namely Islamic religion which aims to provide teaching Al-Quran for children, and learn to understand the basics of Islamic religion. The growth of TPA / TPQ began to develop since the 1990s after the discovery of various approaches in learning to read the Quran such as the method of reading the Quran Iqro. In Indonesia, choosing TPA / TPQ education is not compulsory, but in its development the community needs this institution to provide the basics of reading the Quran (reading the Quran) to all children, especially for their parents who are working.

Therefore, the Child Love Foundation Team visited Baitul Ilmi Quran Education Park located in Tugu Village, Kec. Cimanggis, Depok West Java on Sunday, 15 September 2019 to provide assistance for orphans who are studying at Baitul Ilmi Quran Education Park. The compensation fee will be used for their costs to study and buy some equipment to support their learning activities in the TPQ. Hopefully our assistance to help all children get more active for learning there.

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