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21 Septest

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Health services consist of medical professionals in the form of education about basic needs provided to healthy and sick individuals to enable everyone to live productively, socially and economically. Health is very important for the lives of individuals and society. Advances in science and technology in all fields, increasing the standard of living of the community, gives attention to the fulfillment of human rights and improving public awareness of the importance of healthy living that led to an increase in community demands for quality health services.

The Child Love Foundation with the Nursing Student Association of the Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University held a Health Services Activity in Penebel Village, Tabanan Regency on Saturday, September 21, 2019 precisely at Sekolah Dasar Negeri 4 Penebel. The form of its activities includes health services in the form of general health checks and children's health in collaboration with Integrated Healthcare Center and the provision of free medicines as well as providing health education and exercise to elementary school children. Hopefully the implementation of this activity can increase knowledge and health status of children where children get health services and information about health issues.

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