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Donation School Supplies for Children in Primanda Untan Kindergarten in Pontianak

Kindergarten abbreviated is one form of early childhood education units organizes educational programs for children aged 4-6 years. At this age childrens are in a unique developmental process because the development process occurs simultaneously with a sensitive period. Sensitive period is the most appropriate time to explore all the potential intelligence of children as much as possible. Therefore education in kindergarten must be able to stimulate all aspects of child development. Aspects of child development are the development of habituation and basic abilities.

Donation School Supplies For Children at Al Faruq Kindergarten in Pontianak

Kindergarten Education is a form of early childhood education which has an important role to develop children personality and prepare them to enter the next level of education. Kindergarten education is a place to support  student for grow and physical and spiritual development of students according to the child character. The main task of kindergarten is for prepare the children by introducing various knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, in a fun way.

Assistance for Orphans and Duafa in TPQ As Sakinah Denpasar-Bali

Al-Quran Education Park or abbreviated as TPA / TPQ is an institution or community group that organizes non-formal Islamic religious education that aims to provide teaching and learning about how to read the Quran from an early age and how to understand the basic study of the Islamic tradition. TPQ As Sakinah which educates children for learning the Quran. Children who study at TPQ As Sakinah come from the surroundings of TPQ which on average, children from underprivileged families and orphans.

Health Service Activities in Penebel Village, Tabanan Regency - Bali

Health services consist of medical professionals in the form of education about basic needs provided to healthy and sick individuals to enable everyone to live productively, socially and economically. Health is very important for the lives of individuals and society. Advances in science and technology in all fields, increasing the standard of living of the community, gives attention to the fulfillment of human rights and improving public awareness of the importance of healthy living that led to an increase in community demands for quality health services.