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Donation for Luki Setiawan TR Children with Disabilities (Autism) - Denpasar

Meet our friend Luki Setiawan TR born in Denpasar, April 25, 1993. Luki suffers from Autism. Luki must attend a learning class as well as autism therapy. Because autistic children suffer from abnormal communication patterns, they will also show behavior patterns that are classified as strange repeatedly. These behaviors, including: having excessive interest in certain topics, often preoccupied with certain objects, involved in repeated acts.

Food Donations for the Affected Communities of Denpasar City 19

To help the people of Denpasar City who are directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, both in the social, economic fields. Therefore the Child Love Foundation together with the Dharma Jaya Social Welfare Consultation Institute (LK3) of Denpasar City in collaboration with the Denpasar City Social Welfare Institution (LKS) Under the Coordination of the Denpasar City Social Service provided a food package.

Donation for Putu Agus Putra Sugu reports Children with Disabilities (Autism and Nerves) - Denpasar

Introduce our friend Putu Agus Putra Suguasiswa born in Denpasar, August 8, 2006. Agus comes from a poor family and has to take classes as well as therapy. Agus suffers from autism and nervous collapse. The causes of nerve pain are very diverse, including: heredity, incomplete nerve development, damage or death of nerve cells, diseases of the blood vessels of the brain, injuries, cancer, bacterial infections.

Donation for Semara Putra Orphanage - Klungkung

Semara Putra Orphanage is an orphanage that supports orphans, disabilities, hearing impaired, speech impaired and disadvantaged children in terms of education and health. Semara Putra Orphanage supports 35 children in the dormitory and 90 children outside the dormitory. Everyday children'