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Donation For Orphanage In Al Mu'awanah Lamongan

Orphanage is one of the child protection institutions which provide protection for the rights of children as parents' representatives in fulfilling their mental and social needs in foster children. AL MU'AWANAH Orphanage, which is an orphanage in Lamongan Regency. This orphanage cares and educates for all orphans and abandoned children.

Distribution Of Donation For Underpriviliged Children

There is always an opportunity to do kindness things, one of them is by giving donations in the form of THR when welcoming the Eid Mubarak. Religious Holiday Allowance does not have to be given only to your closest family, because you can set aside a little of your income to give to other children who also need it.

Donation For Madrasah Mi "Darul Ulum" Lamongan.

In order to develop a national field of education and morals, madrasas make institutions worthy of consideration. Madrasas have become an institution that has an important contribution in educating children, because as we have known, all children are our future, so let's help them to grow and develop in healthy and educated way.