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National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) & International Disability Day (HDI) Celebration, Denpasar-Bali

Our Celebration to National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) on December 20th and International Disability Day (HDI) on 3rd of December have become annually routine agenda of Denpasar City in which is always filled with various activities to embrace the solidarity of the public to disability. This activity involves the whole society such as the elderly, orphanage children, and people with disabilities, they are also involved in disability creativity exhibition activities. Dozens of people with disabilities as well as the public gathered in the eastern parking lot of Lumintang Field to conduct various activities carried out in a series of these events. The activity was held for three days from December 13 until December 15, 2019.

Assistance Of Educational Stationary For Learning Children with Special Needs In Denpasar

Children with special needs are often get bullying because they cannot communicate and socialize well. But actually it is possible for these children to grow normally and have a quality of life that is on par with other children. Although it does require an extra effort from various parties. There one way that can be done to help them improve their mental, social, and emotional intelligence is by drawing and other artistic activities, All of these are proven to have a positive influence on one mental health. The same thing applies to children with special needs.