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Assistance Of Educational Stationary For Learning Children with Special Needs In Denpasar

Children with special needs are often get bullying because they cannot communicate and socialize well. But actually it is possible for these children to grow normally and have a quality of life that is on par with other children. Although it does require an extra effort from various parties. There one way that can be done to help them improve their mental, social, and emotional intelligence is by drawing and other artistic activities, All of these are proven to have a positive influence on one mental health. The same thing applies to children with special needs.

Educational Compensation for Underprivileged Students in South Jakarta Adventist Schools

Education and learning emphasize the foundation in preparing generations to become human beings who can face a heavily increasing era. Based on its good and quality learning process, children will gain knowledge, skills, and provision to face the various advances and challenges of the times. One indicator of the progress of the nation is determined to what extent the quality of education. The quality of education will also produce the quality of human resources. One of the functions of the education field is to produce output in large numbers, skilled and disciplined and has the competencies needed in the working field.