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Donation to Ida Ayu Intania Dewi Children with Disabilities (Autism) - Denpasar

Introducing our friend Ida Ayu Intania Dewi was born in Denpasar, February 28, 2008. Intan comes from underprivileged families and must attend a study class as well as therapy for healing her illness. Intan suffers from autism. Autism is someone who has a complex disorder that includes language, social interaction, communication, and behavior, although it has obstacles, but the child can be developed with special services and education.

Donate to the Canaha Bali - Badung Foundation

Canaha Bali Foundation is engaged in the service of private social activities outside other orphanages because it does not provide shelter for people. Its main activity is distributing social assistance to communities affected by natural disasters in Bali. The Canaha Bali Foundation provides assistance to neglected or orphaned children who are in several orphanages. Other activities are helping out-of-school children return to education at a number of schools in the Nusa Dua environment, as well as helping with school fees in the form of tuition fees and other school needs.

Donation to the Kita Peduli Foundation - Karangasem

The Kita Peduli Foundation is a foundation engaged in the field of Humanity, such as health assistance for poor families and families of people with disabilities, skills education for school dropouts and assistance and economic development for poor families and families with disabilities.