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Assistance for Children in the Baitul Ilmi Qur'an Education Park - Depok, West Java

Al Quran Education Park (TPA / TPQ) is an institution or community group that organizes non-formal education, namely Islamic religion which aims to provide teaching Al-Quran for children, and learn to understand the basics of Islamic religion. The growth of TPA / TPQ began to develop since the 1990s after the discovery of various approaches in learning to read the Quran such as the method of reading the Quran Iqro. In Indonesia, choosing TPA / TPQ education is not compulsory, but in its development the community needs this institution to provide the basics of reading the Quran (reading the Quran) to all children, especially for their parents who are working.

Assistance Of School Supplies For Andika – Denpasar, Bali

As we have known, education is very important for children, because it is not only given children about knowledge, but it can teach them to have good manners and things that are right. Education will gives children comperehension into an independent person which will be able to plan things for the future and make the right decisions when they grow up. School education can help to build character for children. It is very important because it teaches the norms of decency, religious norms, and others, by following all these norms, they will have a strong character which is needed to build their development of nation.

Donation for Mardiawan, A Child with Special Needs – Gianyar, Bali

Children with special needs are children who in education need specific services, different from children in general. Children are said to have special needs if there is something lacking or even deeper in themselves and if the child has the following conditions, children have significant deviations from children in general, these deviations make children experience obstacles in their daily lives, and because of these obstacles a child needs special services.

Donation For Rahmatul Bahri Jembrana Islamic Boarding School

An islamic boarding school is a traditional Islamic educational institution to study, learn, explore, survive, and practice Islamic teachings by emphasizing the importance of religious morals as guidelines for daily behavior. This boarding school needs attention from the community or government, because it has a role to train children morale. One of the supports being a success of Islamic boarding school is the existence of adequate facilities and infrastructure to support all forms of activities, especially in the field of education.