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Educational Compensation for Underprivileged Students in South Jakarta Adventist Schools

Education and learning emphasize the foundation in preparing generations to become human beings who can face a heavily increasing era. Based on its good and quality learning process, children will gain knowledge, skills, and provision to face the various advances and challenges of the times. One indicator of the progress of the nation is determined to what extent the quality of education. The quality of education will also produce the quality of human resources. One of the functions of the education field is to produce output in large numbers, skilled and disciplined and has the competencies needed in the working field.

Assistance Of School Supplies For Underprivileged Children - SDN 24 Pontianak

Education is very important thing for developing people in a country. Developed countries can be sure to have an excellent system and quality of education. This is because the education sector is very influential on the quality of human resources. Like elementary school education as the most basic level of formal education which has a big role in the next educational process. Through basic education, children are provided with basic skills related to the ability to think critically, reading, writing, mastering the basics for learning and communication skills which are the least abilities required in social life. Basic education provides the basis for attending education at the next level of education. The success of attending education in high schools and colleges is much influenced by the success in attending primary education.

Assistance Of School Supplies for Children in Primanda Untan Kindergarten in Pontianak

Kindergarten School is a form of an early childhood education that organizes educational programs for children aged 4-6 years. At this age, all children are in an unique way because their development process occurs simultaneously with a sensitive period. Their sensitive period is the most appropriate time to explore all the potential intelligence of children as much as possible. Therefore, education in kindergarten must be able to stimulate all aspects of children development. Aspects of child development are the growth of habituation and basic abilities.