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Donation for Yakub Febrianca Child with Disability (Autism) - Denpasar

Meet our friend Yakub Febrianca. Yakub came from a family of underprivileged families and had to attend study classes as well as therapy to cure his illness. Yakub suffers from autism. Children with autism may be referred to a doctor who specializes in dealing with behavioral, psychological, educational, and capacity building issues. This program is usually structurally and intensively designed, which also involves parents, siblings, and other family members.

Donate to Bukit Hidup Foundation - Badung

Bukit Hidup Foundation is engaged in orphanages for neglected children and children with problems in the social, physical and spiritual fields with care patterns in the form of meeting needs through compensation, teaching in formal schools, education and training as well as guidance and counseling. Foster children will be expected to become independent children according to their age and intelligence level and be able to develop their potential through talents, interests and talents to be used to serve others.

Donation For I Kadek Bagus Yosananta Children with Disabilities (Autism) - Denpasar

Introducing our friend I Kadek Bagus Yosananta was born in Denpasar, June 13, 2003. Bagus came from a poor family and had to attend a study class as well as cure his illness. Good for Autism. The following are some things that can be done to establish good communication with children with autism: 1. make it a habit to speak in short and clear sentences. 2. Give the child time to understand your words. 3. Call the child always with his name. It is important to recognize the characteristics of children with autism so that proper diagnosis and treatment can be done as early as possible. To determine whether a child has autism or other disorders, you can check with your pediatrician.

Donation to the Bali Samsara Foundation - Denpasar

On this occasion the Child Love Foundation visited the Samsara Bali Foundation, located on Jalan Pemogan No. 206, Dukuh Raya Housing, Pemogan Village, Denpasar on Monday 18 May 2020 to make a donation. The Samsara Bali Foundation is engaged in the rehabilitation of drug users and other psychotropic drugs in collaboration with the BNN Province of Bali and several District Drug Prisons in Bali. This foundation is a destination for donations because many of those rehabilitated came from poor families. Hopefully this help can be useful for them.