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Assistance Of School Supplies For Gede Aditya in Kubu Bangli

When a child turns 6 years old, they must have started an education in primary school. Because of the importance of primary schools in guiding their character in the future, the implementation of primary schools cannot be done randomly. On the other hand, the formation of quality human resources is determined by the quality of education. For this reason, the implementation of education, especially at the elementary school level, must pay attention about qualities.

Donations For Gede Abhi, A Child Who Suffering From Hemophilia - Village Of Kubu Bangli

Hemophilia is a disease that causes bleeding disorders due to lack of blood clotting factors. As a result, bleeding lasts longer when the body is injured. It is a congenital bleeding disorder. Hemophilia in children can occur when they are still in childhood even when newly born. Children with hemophilia can not stop bleeding because they do not have enough platelet blood cells. This condition can be quite serious because if it’s not treated well immediately, it can cause death at an early age, due to bleeding in the brain or in the abdominal cavity.

Celebrating Eid al-Adha With Children in Al-Hikmah Foundation in Denpasar

Eid al-Adha is commemorated every 10 months of Dhulhijjah each year. One of the most deep meaning of Qurban is as a form of worship to Allah Subhanahu Wataala. It is a form of social purity where qurban committee will feel the beauty of sharing for around. Qurban worship is the slaughter of animals with intent to draw closer to God at the appointed time. The sacrificial animal slaughtering time began after Salat Eid al-Adha until the 13th Dzulhijah according to the madzhab Syafi’i.

Donations for Intan of Children with an ASD in Ubud

A child who’s being stated as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the child that has the following provisions such a meaningful deviation from the child in general (less or more than the child in general), some of deviation make the child experience obstacles in his daily life, and because of these obstacles, those child needs special treatment. If the three provisions above are in the child, then the child is categorized as an ASD.